Manufacturing Facility


Jindal Panther TMT Rebars are manufactured using the unique iron making, steel making & rolling process, which makes them stronger, safer and more ductile than any other TMT rebars, thus ensuring excellent quality. Jindal Panther TMT rebars are manufactured in most modern Integrated steel manufacturing facilities. Each facility is equipped with the latest technologies and infrastructure to produce the finest quality steel and TMT rebars.

Manufacturing Process

Jindal Panther Fe550D Rebars are Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Steel Bars produced through advance HYQST (High Yield Quenching and Self Tempering Process) /QST (Quenching and Self Tempering) process. HYQST/QST process includes hot rolling of the billets in the most modern bar mill followed by water quenching, self tempering and atmospheric cooling.
                   Iron Making  BF & DRI route using virgin iron ore lumps and fines
                   Steel Making  EAF / BOF / NOF + LRF + Concast Route 
                   Rebar Making  No Twist Continuous Rolling mill with HYQST/QST technology

Metallurgical Aspect

Steel can attain a wide variety of properties by altering its microstructure depending on the chemical composition as well as the thermal treatment it is subjected to. The HYQST/ QST technology ensures a uniform quality across the bar. The proof is a perfect ring that can be seen across any cross-section of the

bar. Due to the partial quenching, the micro structure of the bar consists of Tempered Martensite in the periphery and Ferrite Pearlite in the center. The strength to the bar is by Tempered Martensite layer while the ductility to the bar is incorporated by the Ferrite- Pearlite layer. The perfect balance of strength and ductility in Jindal Panther TMT bars results in a highly safe design with minimum use of reinforcement and at the same time making the structure safe against the action of earthquakes. The special ribbed design of the TMT bars form a stronger bond with the concrete or cement. Panther TMT achieves higher mechanical properties with low alloying in order to reduce the steel weight

Key Highlights of Our Facilities

Jindal Panther TMT are manufactured in most advanced facilities. From industry leading automation to advanced process control and material handling, we are equipped with the best of the technology to deliver best products to the customers.