Jindal Panther Advantage

A Rebar is Not a Rebar if it is not TMT

Manufactured from iron ore, Jindal Panther TMT bars have the highest level  of purity with  lowest Sulphur and Phosphorous content, making it strong.  The extensive metallurgical operations followed by state of the art refining technologies results in uniform chemical composition & physical properties along with enhance strength, ductility and elongation.
With our endeavors to provide the best in the industry , each  mark of Jindal Panther  has become a symbol of quality and unmatched strength and is trusted by millions.


Saving In Steel

Structures designed with Fe550d grades has lesser steel consumption than traditional steel. Added to this is lesser bar congestion, reduction in labor cost and faster construction for bigger savings in the overall projects.

Superior Quality

The advanced manufacturing process with state of art steel making and refining process ensures homogenous steel quality. The steel for Jindal Panther rebars are made from virgin iron ore through BF/DRI+ EAF/BOF/NOF+ LRF+ Concast route for highly controlled chemistry with enhanced mechanical and physical properties.


Superior Properties

Manufactured from iron ore with HYQST technology, Panther TMT bars have low Sulphur and phosphorus content for enhanced strength. The perfect balance of strength and ductility results in a highly safe design with minimum use of reinforcement and at the same time making the structure safe in seismic areas

Perfection per Inch

Low level of carbon ensures safer and faster welding without preheating for safer joints. The HYQST/QST process delivers consistent tensile strength with higher elongation on every inch  with a special ribbed design  to form a stronger bond with the concrete/cement.

Transparent Pricing

Jindal Panther Recommended Consumer Price, ensures transparency and uniformity in pricing across the state. RCP ensures that our customers do not fall victims to the unfair and opportunistic pricing.

Strong Network

With a strong network  of dealers and distributors located across India and multichannel retail presence , Jindal Panther aims at providing  best in class services for the consumers right from the procurement to on-time delivery and post purchase assistance.