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Welded Wire Mesh

Another pioneering idea from Jindal Steel and Power, Welded Wire Mesh is a new and efficient product which is aimed to expedite the construction process. It is a processed steel product that consists of rebars welded together to form a grid pattern.

Use of Welded Wire Mesh reduces construction time considerably as it eliminates activities like cutting, marking and spacing of bars and binding of wires to the bars. It provides an ideal and convenient solution with practical and functional advantages.

        - Immediate and positive savings in costs, labor and time.
        - Reduce wastage and scrap.
        - Greater accuracy with less manpower.
        - Increased output with exact steel areas and spacing.
        - Ensures greater structural integrity stress transfer and crack minimization.
        - Provides the only practical and easy solution for reinforcing slabs on ground.
        - Stronger bonding between rebars due to welding.

Product Specifications: 
Diameter of bar used: 6mm - 12mm
Aperture: 50mm - 200mm
Width: From 1200mm up to 3200mm
           (max 2500mm with 4mm, 3000mm with 5mm)
Length: From 2000mm up to 6000mm

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